11 Plus Grammar School Selection Tests
Independent School Common Entrance Examinations

Our Apps 11 Plus Include : Everything your child needs to pass the 11 Plus

One all-inclusive low price

Our 11 Plus apps will help your child prepare for the 11+ exams and get into the school of your choice.

• Every question topic
• Close to the format of the real tests
• Feedback on performance
• Enough questions to use it over and over again

Questions are similar to the ones asked in 11+ common entrance exams set by grammar schools and independent private schools in UK and around the world.

The 11 Plus and common entrance examinations requires candidates to demonstrate they have a good knowledge of key stage 2. Our apps allows your child to detect weaknesses and make improvements.

• CONTENT - Easy to use and the very best material.

• QUESTIONS - Tons of multiple-choice questions from ALL the 11+ maths categories.

• PRACTISE TESTS - For quick practise.

• UNLIMITED TESTS - Unlimited timed tests, structured just like the real test. More short tests can help learning.

• CATEGORIES TESTS - Choose a category to test.

• FEEDBACK - Option to choose instant feedback on answer selection or feedback at the end of a test.

• DETAILED TEST RESULTS - Giving a summary of questions answered correctly and incorrectly. After a test questions can be reviewed with the answer.

• REVIEW - Displays current progress for each category. This feature can help to achieve 100% score in each category.

• EXPLANATIONS - Contains question explanations to help learning and understanding.

• PROGRESS MONITOR - Keep a track of progress and know which categories need a bit more revision. Know when you’re ready to pass.

• RESET - Option to choose reset the progress and start from scratch.

• WORKS OFFLINE - Revise anytime, anywhere without worrying about data.

• SUPER FLEXIBLE - Comes with powerful and easy-to-use settings which make practising easy.

• NO ADVERTS - No interruptions.

• NO TIME LIMIT - The app never expires and is always updated with the latest content.

• FREE UK SUPPORT - Free UK based service & technical support.

Your child will
* have all the practise they need before the real thing
* be mindful of time limits
* be familiar with the test format

We have over 12 years experience preparing children for 11+ tests.